Are You Living a Divided Life?

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The Divided Life is the split between faith and daily business practice, leading to imbalances and misplaced devotion to worldly success. It is dominated by self-interest, with no real action on loving and serving God, or the common good. Candidly, we are ALL divided to one degree or another. This is the result of our pride, our concupiscence, our selfishness...vices we all have as humans.

These vices are fueled and nurtured by a culture that emphasizes the ego, personal achievement and accumulation of riches in this life—all under the guise of “pursuing happiness.”

This divided, imbalanced life is not what God intends or wants for us. As His children, we are called to neither comfort nor worldly success; rather, in the words of Pope Benedict XVI, we are each made for greatness that can only be achieved through trust, surrender, and an integrated life.

We know the sense of imbalance that comes from a divided life—because we have all experienced it to one degree or another. We also know that living an integrated life is not a “one-time fix” but rather a daily commitment to prayer, communion, and deeper relationships with our Lord and others.

Our authority comes from our own lived experience - discipleship, and our commitment to leading integrated lives that are founded on the teachings of the church and the struggle to grow in virtue. We achieve this by marrying practical leadership skills with the wisdom of Catholic social teaching. This is how our members are creating more balanced, integrated lives...and they want to help you do the same!

Your Journey Begins with Personal Honesty: To what extent are YOU living a DIVIDED Life?

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