Visit Our Virtual Leadership Group AUGUSTINE Each Friday!

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We are pleased to announce the new Virtual-Only Nos Lumine Leadership Group AUGUSTINE. Even as more groups have moved back to in-person meeting, this group will be open to Business Network Members and visitors from all over the country who are interested in experiencing Leadership Membership and Leadership Groups.

Nos Lumine leadership member Keith Luscher will be your host.

Every Friday at 10:00 a.m. EST, Group AUGUSTINE convene online, sharing weekly Leadership content and engaging in meaningful conversation, addressing topics such as:

  • How has my Catholic faith helped carry me, personally and professionally?
  • How does it guide me as I face difficult decisions and engage with others at work and at home?

Together, we will look to the timeless teachings of our Catholic faith to create that more fully integrated life, leading to greater success in our businesses as well as our homes.

Join us for a visit and meet other Catholic business leaders like yourself! Indicate your interest below for access details, and we will see you Friday morning!

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