Your Work is Your CALLING.

Are You Treating It as Such?

Vocation of the Business Leader - A Reflection

The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace | 32 pages | Released 2014

Historically, the Catholic church has found itself in a seemingly futile situation regarding views on economics. She often provided abstract principles that were often viewed as idealistic or not in touch with reality. Conversely, if she gave more specific recommendations in some situations, she would be chastised for speaking outside of her expertise.

But not anymore.

Published in 2014 by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Vocation of the Business Leader is the Church's go-to handbook for business professionals in today's rapidly changing and challenging global environment. It identifies specific, common challenges in business today, and offers a guide to reflect upon when determining how to discern and act faithfully within one’s work context.

Further, it concludes with helpful self-examination questions that business professionals can use to evaluate how well they have incorporated the points mentioned within their businesses...and their lives. 

Vocation of the Business Leader is a cornerstone of the Nos Lumine philosophy, and we are pleased to make this resource available to you.