What is Nos Lumine? 

As a Catholic business professional, you may have achieved many of your professional goals, or perhaps are still very focused on new ones. But while your professional life may even carry the outward appearance of “success,” relationships at home with family, friends, and with God may be strained...or practically non-existent. Or perhaps, they are simply not as healthy as they could be.

This divided, imbalanced life is not what God intends or wants for us. Every one of us, as His children, are not called to worldly success, or comfort—rather we are each made for greatness that can only be achieved through trust, surrender and an integrated life.

We know the sense of imbalance that comes from a divided life—because we have all experienced it to one degree or another. We also know that living an integrated life is not a “one-time fix” but rather a daily commitment to prayer, communion, and deeper relationships with our Lord and others.

At Nos Lumine (Latin for “We are Light”), this is our mission. Together, we bring our own lived experience, discipleship, and our commitment to leading integrated lives that are founded on the teachings of the Church, and the struggle to grow in virtue. Each week, we achieve this by marrying practical leadership skills with the wisdom of Catholic social teaching.

This is how Nos Lumine members are creating more balanced, integrated lives and want to help you do the same.

  • Wherever you are on the path, experiencing the Christ-centered community that is Nos Lumine is easy:
  • Be our Guest at a Nos Lumine group session—online or in person
  • Become a Member of the Network
  • Engage with the Community and shared experiences, weekly
  • Using all the tools provided to commit to imperfect action to begin your journey to an Integrated Life as a Disciple of Christ

By visiting a Nos Lumine group and speaking with our members, there is everything to gain and nothing to lose. While your commitment to walking with Christ is life-long, your membership in Nos Lumine is only as long as you wish it to be.

Be our guest or schedule a call with a Nos Lumine representative who will be happy to meet in person, over the phone or online, to listen and answer any questions you may have.

Not quite ready? Get your copy of Vocation of the Business Leader. Published in 2014 by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, this is the Church's go-to handbook for business professionals in today's rapidly changing and challenging global environment. 

When you trust in the Lord and your Catholic friends, you will begin to experience the JOY of the Integrated Life that God wants for you. This will lead to deeper relationships with your family, your friends, your colleagues and customers, and most importantly, with your heavenly Father as you experience—in this life—just a taste of the Heavenly Banquet that awaits you in the next.