0149 Season 7.07 Nos Lumine Three Sane Decisions to Help You Save Your Soul

There is no video this week. Here is your print content for this private group session of Nos Lumine. Your discussion will center on “Three Sane Decisions to Help You Save Your Soul” by Fr. Robert Spitzer. It was presented at https://www.getprinciples.com/three-sane-decisions-to-help-you-save-your-soul/ As noted, it was adapted from the 2019 Commencement Address delivered at Christendom…

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Jim Gernetzke

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Jim Gernetzke

Jim Gernetzke is a John Maxwell-trained and certified business coach and teacher leveraging his 35-plus years' experience in recruiting, personal development and coaching to help individuals become the BEST version of themselves. As a lifelong and devout Catholic, he recognized that too many Catholic business professionals are leading divided lives. Nos Lumine is an answer to that dilemma, helping Catholics transform themselves, and the culture, one person at a time.

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