Leadership in the Storm

Given the momentum of the cancel culture, the storm is upon us. It calls to mind the words of Cardinal F. Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan: “The greatest failure in leadership is for the leader to be afraid to speak and act as a leader.” And yet, didn’t Jesus tell us to not be afraid?

How Will YOU Lead in the New Year…and What Will Guide You?

As we come together (either physically or “in spirit”) to celebrate the Incarnation of our Lord (aka Christmas), we also close out what we can all agree has been an exceptionally challenging year. Further, many of us look to 2021 with either hope or great uncertainty…most likely a little bit of both. The celebration of Christmas, even in these uniquely challenging times, still brings to mind the classical imagery of the Nativity. This includes the three wise men being led to the birthplace of Jesus by the Star of Bethlehem…a singular bright light in an ocean of darkness.

What is the Divided Life?

The Divided Life is the split between faith and daily business practice, leading to imbalances and misplaced devotion to worldly success. It is dominated by self-interest, with no real action on loving and serving God, or the common good. Candidly, we are ALL divided to one degree or another. This is the result of our pride, our concupiscence, our selfishness.

Who Would You Like Me to Meet?

Of the fire fighters to lose their lives in New York City on September 11, 2001, Father Mychal Judge was among the first. As NYFD Chaplain, he was known to begin each day began with, “Lord, take me where you want me to go. Let me meet who you want me to meet.” We can only presume that he recited that same prayer on that fateful morning. The Lord guided him, and Fr. Judge followed…into eternity.