Gratitude: The Seed of Love, Joy and Happiness

“Gratitude is the seed of love, joy, and happiness. Gratitude cannot coexist with hatred, anger, malice.”

This is a very troubling time in our country. It’s an election year and there are some serious divides between citizens. Heels are dug in so deep, that many of us are unable to even talk to one another. I’m imagining two vast armies amassed on opposite sides of a very wide and deep river.

For me, the issue is the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. For others, their hatred of one man is causing them to sell out in favor of abortion, which is the ultimate abuse of another’s dignity as a child of God that kills hundreds of thousands of God’s children every year.

What are we doing?

These two armies…one amassed on the riverbank of darkness; the other on the riverbank of light (to paraphrase Archbishop Carlo Viganò). Those in darkness are full of hate, anger and malice—aligned with forces who have stated, sinister agendas—and as far as I can tell, no interest in lighting so much as a matchstick so as to see the truth of what they’re doing. They are blinded by emotion; many are ignorant of the potential, eternal consequences that loom just over the horizon in the next few weeks.

All Christians are called to overcome the hatred, anger, and malice, with the love, joy and happiness that comes from gratitude. Which begs the question: Gratitude for what?

For me this week the birth of our sixth grandchild—a beautiful baby girl—a result of the holy union of our son, his wife, and the God of the universe—the King of heaven and earth. So, despite all the hatred, anger and malice before us—we stand full of gratitude on the riverbank bathed in the light of Christ—full of love, joy and happiness —knowing that Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, stands victorious for all eternity—despite dysfunctional humanity. Jesus loves you, me, all of us—unconditionally. So, as we approach this election, and each finish out what has been a uniquely challenging year, it’s with gratitude and hope, that I invite you join me in reciting the prayer given to us by Our Lady of Fatima:

O my Jesus, forgives us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those who most need of Your Mercy.


Jim Gernetzke

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Jim Gernetzke

Jim Gernetzke is a John Maxwell-trained and certified business coach and teacher leveraging his 35-plus years' experience in recruiting, personal development and coaching to help individuals become the BEST version of themselves. As a lifelong and devout Catholic, he recognized that too many Catholic business professionals are leading divided lives. Nos Lumine is an answer to that dilemma, helping Catholics transform themselves, and the culture, one person at a time.

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