The Ultimate Business Partner

One of the most pressing issues we’re facing amidst this COVID-19 crisis is a shortage of lumber and many other building materials. People are discovering how much they took for granted—and a hard, common sense truth: You need lumber before you can build anything.

Indeed. Isn’t it amazing, just how much we do take for granted, in a world that continues to provide in abundance? It reminds me of the words of wisdom we hear during each Liturgy of the Eucharist at Mass:

“Fruit of the earth and the work of human hands…”

What an amazing thing it is! This collaboration that God, in His infinite wisdom, has built into the system. God provides the raw materials; we provide our ingenuity and our craftsmanship. Together, we create what we need for whatever application: wood for our houses, meat for our dinner, customers to serve.

God gives us His gifts. We accept and receive them, and then with our contribution, give it to others as things, opportunities, and services. A perfect example is the carpenter who receives the wood from the tree God provided and creates something of value, beauty, and utility.

In a similar way, God gives us the ability, inspiration and the resources to build a business. We, in turn, create opportunities, jobs for others in yet another dance of collaboration to create valuable goods and services of value, beauty, and utility. Often, this is not just for the benefit of the consumer, but for the well-being of those collaborating with us: employees, contractors and vendors. It creates their opportunity to add value and to reap the rewards for their contribution, nurturing their fulfillment.

But it starts with the Source of ALL: our heavenly Father who, when it comes down to it, is the ultimate Business Partner:

  • He provides the vision.
  • He provides the materials.
  • He even provides the talent!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “What about startup capital?” But hey, three out of four ain’t bad.

But seriously, even that comes from God, although as in true “God-fashion,” and as with everything else, not perhaps in the time and manner we’d prefer.

That’s where we need to really do our part: to truly become collaborators in God’s on-going Providence, we first must trust, surrender, and then work our butts off.

Jim Gernetzke

About the Author

Jim Gernetzke

Jim Gernetzke is a John Maxwell-trained and certified business coach and teacher leveraging his 35-plus years' experience in recruiting, personal development and coaching to help individuals become the BEST version of themselves. As a lifelong and devout Catholic, he recognized that too many Catholic business professionals are leading divided lives. Nos Lumine is an answer to that dilemma, helping Catholics transform themselves, and the culture, one person at a time.

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